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If I was dedicated to Hatira, the work is yellow-blacks. Don’t say that you can’t go goal out of three steps without exhausting the fortress. Meanwhile I’m the 100th red card in Hatira’s postage, Hamburg’s history. The rich children of the port city will catch Stutgart with Leverkusen, 105 times if they are a little more than 105 times.

Hamburg’s rebel children St. The Pauli has taken the darkness to the darkness, Leverkusen managed to turn the encounter in the way back with Kiessling and Bender’s goals. Seven wins without the last eight encounters, the students’ students who make a draw deserving the apples. 66 of the leader, the follower has 61 points.

The node of the Bundesliga will be solved by perhaps this week. The Sunday will be able to welcome the three points chasing three points to be able to win absolute for the Champions League. After this encounter, the Dortmund will be performed, perhaps all its accounts will do according to the score of the previous match.

In the land of the sausage, there was no doubt the event of the week was the giving of the dawn to Sayan Gaal. While the Dutch technical man is being expelled in Bavarians in Bavarians in Bandesliga, the third time before the BadDesliga was expelled in Bandesliga, and the third time in Bundesliga has been given a curtain curtain. This year is not going to play a red card in Bayern, which is returning to the team of the pain of the pain and two points in a row, will not play in the Critical Leverkusen match in the Allianz Arena.

The Hannover’s dream that rising to the third order continues. If we do not count the fifth victory of the fifth victory in the field, if we do not have eight victories in a row 39 years ago, there is no such series. The reds reaching the highest score of history continue to say ‘a kick in front of the AWD-Arena’.

A little bit of the fact that we don’t read the Esami in the Freiburg we haven’t read at all … Hoffenheim opens the curtain on behalf of the middle row team on the name of the Schuster, two years after the first footballer who was the first football player at Bundesliga. We congratulate himself. The team’s centrforu cissé was managed to be the second African football player that exceeds 20 goals after 18 years after the Galatasaray fans remembered. Let’s see if the black player will win the kingdom war with Mario Gomez, we go to the bottoms.

It is undoubtedly Kaiserslautern of the week. The 15th Stuttgart in the displacement of the Fritz Walter, which increases the score of 34 in displacement, the faces are laughing. Thus, the camia, which open the distance between the fall line, is followed by the Werder Bremen who collapsed with averaging Mesut Özil. While Bremen shares the scores with Eintracht Frankfurt under a digit, he broke the Halil Altıtop 2000 minute goal in Frankfurt, which is switched from Galatasaray’s old teacher in Frankfurt. While the national football player has ventilated its own networks, the teammate Gekas, ‘scorers becomes egoist’ gave a new dimension. The Greek stars, which are touched the ball 15 times during the match, played in the face of the bremen by throwing eight smash.

16. Follower with Wolfsburg Pauli has 28 points. Once the Saturday is remembered that both teams will meet, the Volkswagen Arena is expected to explode who is to explode. The Mönchengladbach at the bottom of the league has hoped the Skel of the Fig. You don’t mind again; In Germany, the last two teams are reduced to the clusters, while the next 16 team is playing with the third set of cluster play-off.

Ligue 1 was the most profitable team of the week Lyon. The Claude Puel’s team, which has been struggling in the second half, which struggled in Gerland, has dropped the score difference with Lille. In Monaco, Lille, which completes 10 people, while the weeks after weeks, the prince team was thus on two rows of the falling pot. Marseille, which captures the chance to reduce the score difference with the defeat to the leader, the opportunity took the opportunity to toulouse in his own house. The last champion is located behind Lille’s three points. From the other candidates of the crown, Rennes could not use the chance to download the score difference with defeat by two differently from the Brest displacement.

Paris Saint Germain, which has been harvesting for weeks, is CAEN displacement. Jean Tigana’s Bordeaux continues to receive interesting results. Lacivert-whites were almost finalized from the league of their homes in their own homes with arles avignon. Neither I need to delight the poor in the way!

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