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In the poker, the cards will come to your hand -Deste are fully coincidentally. Looks at your luck! You cannot know the future cards in advance. The chance of some of the outgoing innovation of the player who is outgoing to the player of the years may not be even work. The importance of luck is obvious, of course but in the poker does not only win the chance. Although it is needed more than the probability account to establish a good strategy, you can only translate the possibility of the hands to your own benefit as you can. In this article, we will calculate the possibilities of the poker hands.

Firstly let me talk about the rules of the game briefly. Poker 7 is played with a deck of 32 papers and four players to AS. Each player is distributed 5 of the paper. Poker is sorted according to the hands of their hands, (for AS A, J, J, Q, Q and K for the pastor for the priest, each hand is more valuable than those above.

Pour: Two pairs of the same paper, but the hands are not the same as the same. Like aaqq.

Color: all of the same color consisting of but non-ordered hands. Like all the papers are a hand with spades.

Flush: Color and city, but the biggest paper cannot be a. That is both the same color and sequential hands.

After the papers are distributed, each player may change the chance to capture someone better than the above hands, you can change up to three paper from the hand (each player 32 papers in the case of 32 papers are used to be used!). This replacement is not for free as well as in everything you do in order to increase your chances in life; has a price. You need to put a certain amount of money that appears to make this replacement. The player who doesn’t put the money out of the game. The aim of the game is of course to make a more valuable hand than your competitors.

According to this formula, the number of possible poker hands can be selected how many different five paper can be selected from 32 paper. Ie.

To see how many hands of the five papers in the hands of a first incoming player can be the same. However, this number is much more than the number of per hands, because pours, threesome, ful and square hands are also entering this situation. And when we deceive the hands of the two of five paper, it is very much double counting. Like AAKK and KKAA, hands like the same hands are considered twice in the first place. I need to pay attention to these too. The account load of this method is heavy.

The most collapse of the hands of the hands in which two of five paper is the same as Ful hands, because we use all five pieces of paper in these hands. Let’s go over QQQJJ, which is the example I give while explaining the hands. Since there are four girls in total (Q, Q, Q, Q, three girls are selected in different ways. Similarly, two of them can be selected differently as they have four values. The triple could consist of other papers instead of girls, there are eight types of paper that the trio can occur. It means that the duo has seven types of paper to occur.

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