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Beat 78-75. -20, 8-11) will encounter Colgate on Thursday.The Jumper puts Level 61-60, and seven numbers remained in front of seven to 76-75 with Loyola Santi Aldama’s 3-number basket. Marques Wilson has buzzer with two free throws and has been missing the buzzer with the 3 shot of Cameron Spencer. Flat. Marques Wilson also made six rebounds and six assists. Mountain Hawks had the highest 22 assists of the season with eight of Taylor’s eight 22 assistants of the season and only eight ball loss compared to 18 for Greyhound. Three loser Greyhounds (15-17, 7-12) scored 23 points that break the career record with nine rebounds. Golden Dike played 10 points and seven rebounds .- For more AP college basketball publication: and Elements of this story Automated Insights, HTTP: //, using STATS LLC data, 10 January 2013 related press injured Lehigh Guard CJ is the best case scenario for

McCollum is all-american for more than two months, the potentially prospective future in the NBA may prevent a rapid recovery in NBA to return to the Patriot League tournament. I have more of your life after all. The conference tournament helps Mountain Hawks. Lehigh Coach Brett Reed is preparing for life without senior to Mountain Hawks in the Power Giant Duke in the past season of the season. Reed is trying to be realistic and said that McCollum may have played his final match in Lehigh. “McCollum has broken the left foot in the match he played against Virginia Commonwealth. “Successful surgery” estimated recovery period is eight to 10 weeks, but the school warned that this will be due to the improvement process.

The timelet could make it suitable in early March.Mccollum was a leader in the score (25.7 number) when it is crippled. Lehigh (10-4) is home to HOLY Cross to open the PATRIOT LEAGUE match on Saturday. “McCollum’s roommate and team captain Gabe Knutson, maybe” Change “is not the right word.” To rise “McCollum is considered to be a potential first round selection in NBA selections and took an average of 21.3 throughout the March 16 in the March 16 in Lehigh.

15 series, blue devils defeated 75-70. “We understand the size of the future – we understand that to this thing to reduce the possibility of all the future injury to ensure that his career is long-lasting,” McCollum is the array of Lehigh to this year. The point was the point. When he missed a competition due to ankle injury last month, he finished a 109-match series.

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