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In 1953, Ian Fleming has finally published the “spy story” to end all spy stories, which will lead to the longest period of time on the film history. It took about 50 years to reach the great screen adaptation that is finally deserved. This was to be the best James Bond movie to date, 2006’s Casino Royale.

(24. James Bond film A week to the US premiere of the US premiere, Jalopnik’s residence 007 Burseri Justin Westbrook is counting the best 10 inputs of the series while the 2006’s Casino Royale is in the number 1!)

The construction company behind the Bond series 24 official film cans did not have the Royale of his promotional novel, when the EON Productions, James Bond Character and Ian Fleming’s Roma’s rights. Instead of Dr. They decided to tailor NO as the first Bond film.

Fleming has sold the rights of the first Bond novel and sold separately from the rights to adapt to the 13 Bond novels and its collections, and finally resulted in EON Productions.

In 1954, Casino Royale has been published on TV and two adapters made American Jimmy Bond to stop the criminal gambler Lechiffre. The second adaptation was an extremely confused famous-miniature type satire film with the Casino Royale, which is the original Bond daughter in David Niven and Dr No in 1967.

By 1999, Eon Productions has achieved the right to adapt the original James Bond novel and began to adapt Casino Royale for the first real film for Brosnan in 2004.

After the famous celebrity die Another Day, Franchise felt the creative team role rebuilding and franchise should reasonably restart. Although Die Another Day is a very successful and critically moderately successful film, it felt old and ridiculous after the weight of the threats that are simultaneous terrorism attacks and the people’s war and spying on the dramatically changing the perspective of the public and spying.

Brosnan’s period is particularly old, compared to the launch of the more serious Jason Bourne series with the Bourne Identity in 2001. However, the Bond team brought back the Goldeneye director of the Goldeneye, which was successfully introducing Brosnan in the role of Bond, the Goldeneye director of Martin Campbell.

Campbell decided to bring a relatively unknown, very left-sighted actor Daniel Craig to take over the Bond role with Eon Productions. The actor Henry Cavill was the supposedly close to a second choice, but only missed it. Finally he made his big output as superman in 2013 in Man of Steel.

When Connery is a relatively unknown player when he role as Bond in 1961, when people were familiar with who people are new Bond players. Roger Moore, the Successful Television Program has gained popularity in The Saint and Pierce Brosnan was one of the fans of the role after the Remington Steele role in the Television series at the same.

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