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he unmistakable voice came from singer Jo Ann Greer, who sang with the band Les Brown and dubbed the voices for movie stars such as Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak, June Allyson and Esther Williams. (She also chartered with Anthony on the song “Wild Horses” later that year.)

In You do the hokey cokey, each participant joins their right and left hands on their fingertips to create a chevron and weighs the chevron from side to side. After that, participants turn around separately, but in time with each other (usually clockwise when viewed from above – beginners can walk in the opposite direction to the main group, but this adds more serenity to this joyful, novel dance). The hands are either joined together or moved like a jogging movement – depending on the local tradition or the individual choice.

Each command set is followed by a refrain that is completely different from other parts of the world. There is either a caller inside or outside the group, or the instructions are called out by the whole group – which can create confusion and be laughed at as part of the charm and entertainment of the dance.

The first three lines of this chorus are sometimes rendered as “Whoa, the hokey cokey,” with the “whoa” lasting three beats instead of two.

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